If you read this as a present supplier or a possible new supplier, we want to say sorry for the very difficult name of our company: Østjysk Vinforsyning.

The name is more a picture of what it all started as and not 100% what we are today.

Østjysk = East Jutland

Vinforsyning = Wine supply

So in other words a wine company that was, and still is, located in a small village called Hinnerup in the eastern part of Jutland just out side Aarhus. When we where founded more than 40 years ago it was wine that was the base of our assortment. Today we still sell a lot of wine but spirits has become an increasingly bigger part of our business, so our name should perhaps also have the word: spirit, included.

No matter what kind of supplier you are, we can guarantee that we deliver a 100% effort to promote and push your products, that being wine, spirits or liquers.

Østjysk Vinforsyning is a private owned company and we are proud to say that. Family is the most important part of your life and if we can make work life important to all our colleagues and partners, then we have a solid base to push business from.

A lot of our customers, and we agree, say that we have one the absolute best assortments in the wine- & spirit business in Denmark. We always strive to provide quality in every drop we buy and sell, no matter if it is a entrence level or an iconic product we have in our assortment.

We are not being religious about it, but we have an increassing part of our assortment that is organic or biodynamic. But again, quality comes first. We have never, and will never, list a product just because it is organic or biodynamic. We always evaluate quality and relevanse for the single product before we decide to list it. We are fortunate that we have suppliers from the absolute top of the line and several of our partners have come to us becasue they heard from our partners that we are a professional importer with the most fantastic team of people.

We want to have fun every day we go to work and we expect our partners to have the same philosophy. Things are just so much easier when we can laugh and smile together.